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‘They often say that nobody is irreplaceable. Andrzej was irreplaceable.’
Jaroslaw Selin

‘We Poles know that the peoples of the Soviet Union – Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Jews and millions of others – were the victims of just as many atrocities. Relations between nations and people must be built on truth and shared human values.’
Andrzej Przewoźnik

‘National remembrance is the joint work of generations.’
Andrzej Przewoźnik

‘The wonderfully friendly conduct, warmth and hospitality which Poles experienced on Hungarian soil have been deeply absorbed into the Polish consciousness.’
Andrzej Przewoźnik

‘Nothing can or could have justified these crimes. In relation to Katyń we absolutely understand the feelings of the Polish people. We bow our heads before those who bravely faced their deaths in this place.’
Vladimir Putin, 7 April 2010

‘Forgive us!’
Boris Yeltsin, 24 August 1993

‘Andrzej was a man of quiet successes.’
Dariusz Baliszewski